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In Endless League, players take control of their customizable battle ships and jump into the battlefield. Players receive different objectives depending on the game mode. As players complete mini-objectives, they can upgrade their ships which will help them complete the main objective.

Free For All Game Mode:
Standart 10 player deathmatch game mode. Map contains asteoids and experience orbs scattered all over the map, health orbs around the center of the map. And at the center of the map there's objective area. Players inside this area receive score over time.
Players can upgrade their ship as they kill other players or collecting experience orbs. First player reaching 10.000 score wins the match.

WASD for movement
Left mouse for 1st skill,
Right mouse for 2nd skill,
E for 3rd skill
R for Ultimate

Every ship in Endless League has 4 unique weapon system and have different health, armor, acceleration, rotation value. So every ship has unique playstyle. Try every ship and find the ship that matches your playstyle.

At the start of the match every player start at level 1. As you're only level 1, you will not be able to destoy your opponents efficently. First try to gain level advantage by collecting experience orbs and don't waste too much time fighting. As you level up, your ship and your weapons will get stronger. Then you can start killing your opponents and control the objective area.

When you're low on health you can grab health orbs to regenerate your health and shield. Health orbs are located at the borders of the map. When you die you won't be able to fight for a long time so grab those health orbs whenever possible.

Game ends whenever a player reach the target score so try to prevent another players from gaining score by defending the objective area, especially players with higher score than you. And be aware that whenever you're the top scoring player, everyone will try to take you down.

Endless League
Endless League




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