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No chat messages. is an epic shooting and fighting game that is based in a blocky 2D world much like the iconic Minecraft game. You must move around the map and try to upgrade your character and improve their level by eliminating other players and digging for resources.

Aside from the fighting, you can gather resources such as wood, stone and dirt and use them to craft objects and even create buildings from which you can defend yourself! Let your imagination run wild and have some fun seeing what you can create – combines the best features of Minecraft together with fun and fast-paced .io gameplay.

Minecraft-style world
You can build any structure you want
Scattered weapons to be used
You can customize your character's appearance from the head to feet
Upgradeable character

WASD or arrow keys to move
Left click or space bar to attack
1234 to switch weapon




Rated 88% with 174 up votes and 23 down votes.

Submitted over 2 years ago.

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