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The war of Men vs Monsters goes endless PvP in the stunning! Which side will you choose? Can you unlock all the amazing units and creatures? Invite your friends to join you in Party Mode. However you choose to play, the destruction and mayhem is guaranteed in city maps from around the world.

How to Play

Use the arrow key or WASD to MOVE while using the mouse target to AIM. The left mouse button or Z key can be used for fireing the primary ATTACK and the right mouse button or X key for the secondary attack. You can ZOOM the camera with the mousewheel or Q and E keys.

Tab toggles Leaderboard while Caps toggles HUD. Use the U key to toggle the upgrades panel. Esc for Exiting.

Check the Spanner icon for fullscreen, audio and visual effect options. Strategy

The monsters are out to pop the city like bubble-wrap while the men are the last hope for, well, mankind. If the monsters kill enough of defenders, they trigger their Ar-man-geddon, a meteor storms that impacts indiscriminately, but if the mans kill enough monsters, they get to nuke all the remaining monstrosities.

Best for your team to focus on the main objective, though in a free-for-all, there's often little honor amongst monsters, men or any hybrids that may emerge.

Key to advancement is to collect the green points for leaderboard domination, yellow xp to level up and then to unlock ever more powerful units and creatures.

Snag the dropped coins to buff vehicles and monsters.

If in doubt, destroy it.




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