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About Pockey.io

Have you ever been at an arcade and couldn’t decide between playing pool or air hockey? Well, neither have we - but it only makes sense to combine these two beloved games to make an incredibly fun and addicting experience. Pockey is a 1v1 online pool game that is playable on PC or mobile via internet browser, allowing you to compete against friends or strangers in this original twist on the classic 8-ball pool game. Whether you’re looking to kill some time or reach the highest ranks of the leaderboard, Pockey is the perfect casual meets hardcore game.

How to Play Pockey.io

Aim stick cue by rotating your cursor around the whiteball.

Tap and drag poolstick to set your shot's power.

Pockey Strategy

Once you choose your color and join the game, your objective is to sink your opponent’s pockeyballs in the pockets. Each ball is worth 1 point and scoring the puck in your opponents goal is worth 2 points. After you have removed 7 points from you opponents HP bar, you win the round. Each match consists of best-of-three.





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